Auto-Cut (fast cutting)

VinylMaster Cut supports cutting vinyl sign cutters and plotters. VinylMaster Cut also supports vinyl cutters and plotters that are fitted with a Laser pointer and/or an Automatic Registration Mark Sensor or ARMS system. See Contour Cutting.

This section outlines VinylMaster Cut’s Auto-Cut module which is ideal for 2-Click cutting…

VinylMaster Cut’s Auto-Cut Module

Automatic Vinyl Cutting

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Send to Cutter (Auto-Cut)
The Send to Cut module is designed for very fast cutting. In fact you can cut out artwork with as little as 2-clicks. You can also use the Send to Cut module for more advanced cutting when required. The module can take your artwork and separate it by color let you select which cutter you wish to send your artwork to along with rotating and mirroring the artwork. You can also advance after cutting and force the artwork to cut exactly where you want it to using the positioning tools.

Speed-Weed BoxesSpeed & Weed-Boxes
The Auto-Cut module lets you apply Speed and Weed-Boxes which have been designed to reduce the time it takes to weed out the excess vinyl around your Artwork. They do this by isolating objects from each other within the artwork. They also help you to avoid accidentally pulling out parts of the job as it’s being weeded.

Easy-Lift MarksEasy Lift-Marks
You can also set Easy Lift-Marks which greatly assist in weeding text and objects by producing a special cut in each hole that allows you easily pull out the excess vinyl in one piece, as shown above.

The Auto-Cut module comes with a Perforations section which allow you to set a custom dashed line for pouncing, fold and crease lines etc. which are ideal for working with card and textiles for Craft applications.

VinylMaster Cut's Vinyl Spooler

Vinyl Spooler
Once you are ready to cut, simply select the current color or spool all and the Cutfile(s) will be sent to the Vinyl Spooler for immediate cutting.

VinylMaster Cut – Vinyl Cutting
Note: You can adjust the quality of the video in the bottom-right toolbar (directly above)

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