What’s new in V4.0

Summary of New Tools and Features VMC VML VMP VMX
Contour Cutting – now fully supports most ARMS and Laser Pointer cutters (new)
DesignCenter™ inc. an Object Selector and Tool Panels for Centralized Design (new)
Tabs for Page Documents and Cutfile Documents for easy navigation (new)
User Modes (Profiles) – work in Cutting, Production or Expert mode (new)
Instantly switch major Toolbars on or off to declutter the Workspace (new)
Hide/Reveal Flyouts – Show/Hide Advanced tools to customize workspace (new)
Extended list of Page types and sizes (Architectural, Photographic, Transitional)
Windows 8 Compatible, much improved and streamlined interface and modules
Open Document module that has thumbnail views and Explorer navigation (new)
Much improved Recent Documents thumbnail viewer for quick and easy selection
New Cutfile Documents for significantly improved Vinyl Cutting (can also be saved)
Easy Lift-Marks™ to make weeding of holes much easier and faster (new)
New Vinyl Color Separation, Nesting and Cutfile optimization and management
Much improved Blade Compensation for Chinese cutters, 5000+ Direct Drivers
New and streamlined Auto-Cut procedure (2-Click Cutting) and Vinyl Spooler (new)
Publish to CMYK tiff module for sending your artwork to an Offset Printer (new)
Publish to PDF module now with CMYK and Spot Color support (new)
Improved eps and pdf import filters – now supports gradient fills and much more
Updated import dxf filter and now export as an svg file (new)
An extended list of Shading (3D) Presets (excellent list of new Preset effects)
Much improved Step & Repeat, Tiling, Circle, Arc & Spiral Arrays (new)
Layout Tools with On-Screen Preview (Grid/Guides/Dimensions/Align/Space/Distribute) (new)
Resize and Measure module to rescale any object to any size – very useful (new)
Re-rotate module to rotate any object to any finite angle with great accuracy (new)
Much improved Snap to Object etc. and Node Editing (more intuitive)
Colorbar has been streamlined and Spot Colors pop-out to take-up less room (new)
A Color Picker (pipette) has been added to select and apply any color (new)
The Gradient Editor now includes over 800 and much improved selection of fills
The Mask Editor has been streamlined and improved
The Vectorizer has been streamlined and is easier to use
The Print dialog is completely redone and much improved with extra tools (new)
New Favorite Fonts list to store the fonts you always want to use (time saver)
Text tools and features inc. much improved Line Spacing all in the DesignCenter™
Text on Path now allows you to set a negative value for even better text effects
Convert to Bitmap now lets you set the horizontal and vertical DPI independently
Templates now include the option to use an Image as a Background on the Page
The RIP supports many new Printers and improved Ethernet, Firewire, SCSI & USB
Print Color Charts for accurate proofing against existing artwork or color charts (new)
Color Matcher allows you to target artwork to your printer’s printable colors (new)
Sound has been improved with all new Lessons regularly uploaded to YouTube
Legend: a small: • means some changes are included. A large: means all changes are included
*Guide only, see demo and full feature list for more information. Conditions apply
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